Thursday, October 13, 2011

Breathe Deeply

Time stands still for me, for just a brief moment....

Outside the window of my tiny grandson's home, the cars continue to whiz by. I hear the sounds of children hurrying to get home after a day at school. There is a sound of an emergency vehicle in the distance and all the world seems to going by at a very fast pace.

But at this precious moment of quiet, and an acute awareness of perhaps grasping at the hem of my Savior's robe,  I breathe deeply, allowing my senses of touch and smell to fill my heart with joy!

He smells so good in my arms, this precious baby sleeping against my face. He lies quietly, belly full of his Mama's milk, clean diaper and heavy eyelids, this grandson of mine. At times like this I simply enjoy smelling the sweet baby-smell of this child who came from his mother's womb, who came from mine. Seems like it was yesterday that cradled HER in my arms. Where has the time gone?

It's in the quietness that I am learning to experience "the holy". This moment was truly a holy one and I fully worshiped as I held him in my arms. I worshiped The One who created him in his mother's womb, this little one, fearfully and wonderfully made.

I also pondered in my heart how trusting he was to rest so peacefully in my arms. He wasn't concerned about where his next meal would come from, or if someone would remember to meet the needs of a dry diaper and a clean sleeper. He was filled and he was satisfied. 

My Heavenly Father desires the same kind of relationship with me - trusting, resting, and filled with His grace. 

For a sweet moment in time, as I breathed deeply, I experienced "the holy". I have been blessed.

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