Friday, October 5, 2012

Packaging Dehydrated Onions

One of the things that I love to store, for the winter, is dehydrated onions. I have tried to store fresh onions but they just don't last much more than a month or two, it seems. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but they always start sprouting! Which is not a bad thing - it shows my onions have LIFE in them! But, we love onions and so the best way to store them is through dehydration.

I ordered a 5 lb. box of onions from The Flour Barrel, a Mennonite bulk food store. They called me yesterday to say they were in, so I went and picked them up. This morning, I took time to seal them up with my Foodsaver to insure the flavor of them. I put them into 8 oz. packages. I have started to wear off the Foodsaver name on it from using it so much. It is a great way to seal up herbs, coffee, tea, dehydrated foods, etc. This is my second one. I wore the first one completely out!

A few days ago, I got my order, from Mountain Rose Herbs, for my favorite bulk teas and herbal coffee. I put some of them in jars, which I will use now but I put the rest into Foodsaver-sealed bags to retain the freshness for later. Just a few more things put away in my pantry. What a blessing to know I don't have to go out in the ice and snow if I don't want to! Winters can be pretty tough in my part of the country.

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